Sean Crawford

Remembering The Crash of Air Illinois Flight 710


This week in our look at stories from around the state, a story from Springfield and Illinois Public Radio’s Sean Crawford. If you’ve been around the state for a while you might remember a small commuter airline service called Air Illinois. It flew to airports from Chicago to small cities until 1983. Flight 710 left Springfield, quickly ran into trouble and crashed about a half hour later in a southern Illinois farm field. Bruce Rushton is a staff writer with the Illinois Times newspaper. He wrote about the crash and talked about it recently Sean Crawford

The Mysterious Story of Albert Cashier

This week in the First Light look around the state, Illinois Public Radio’s Sean Crawford has a story from Springfield. There are multitudes of compelling stories from the U.S. Civil War, but few are as intriguing and mysterious as this one. This is the story of a Civil War soldier who, like many from Illinois fought for the Union cause. However, this soldier was keeping a secret. Sean talked with Tara McClellan McAndrew about a story she wrote to try to find some answers

(photo courtesy of The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum)

(photo courtesy of The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum)