It's Time To Get Mums In The Ground


Every few weeks at University of Illinois Extension educator Richard Hentschel joinsFirst Light host Brian O’Keefe for the ‘Farm to Table’ segment. They discuss everything from agriculture and agri-business to your home landscape and backyard garden. For this month’s segment Richard and Brian met at Shady Hill Garden in Elburn and talked about the fall flower with the garden’s Joe Hygen. If there’s a backyard garden or home landscape issue you’d like to hear Richard and Brian discuss leave a comment here


Mums Bring Seasonal Color To Gardens And Planters


Periodically here at First Light, University of Illinois Extension educator Richard Hentschel and First Light host Brian O’Keefe get together for our ‘Farm to Table’ segment. They talk about everything from agriculture and agribusiness to maintaining your backyard garden and home landscape. This time about Richard and Brian met up with Joe Heidgen at Shady Hill Gardens in Elburn.