Ed Hedborn

Tracking The Arrival of Spring Flowers


his time of year can see wild temperature swings, Monday saw a sunny 75 degress across the region by Friday it was cloudy, windy, and 25 degrees cooler. Despite that, spring flowers have started to make their appearance. For several years the Morton Arboretum’s Ed Hedborn has tracked the arrival of spring flowers. I visited with him last spring and wondered if the fluctuations in daytime temperature affects the early flowers


Weekly Report Tracks What's In Bloom

Despite our cool, almost non-existent spring, the region’s blooming plants won’t be deterred. First Light host Brian O'Keefe took a trip to Morton Arboretum this week to talk with Manager of Plant Records Ed Hedborn. During the spring Ed compiles a weekly report on what’s in bloom at the Lisle based Arboretum


Mother Nature Prepares A Brilliant Show of Color


After a warm and dry summer, temperatures have cooled, rain has become more common, and the number of daylight hours dwindles. Those factors combine to usher in the arrival of Mother Nature's annual stunning display of color. Morton Arboretum is one of the best places in the region to take in the fall color. Ed Hedborn is Manager of Plant Records at the Arboretum, he says peak color is probably a week or so away.

Photos courtesy of The Morton Arboretum

Photos courtesy of The Morton Arboretum